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How to Get More Real Instagram Followers

Follow these step & get more active and real Instagram followers.

Create engaging photos

Instagram is all about images; that is the whole premise on which it was created.

Snapping a photo, adding a description with some hashtags and calling it good —No, isn’t enough.

To reach your fans, you need to build your images—both those who are following you now and those you want to add. There are plenty of online resources as well as mobile and tablet applications to help you make high-profile photos.  Here’s probably plenty of other apps out there, but a quick search in the app store for your phone or tablet will quickly display the most popular you can give a go.

The best thing about these is they give you editing tools beyond what Instagram has to offer. You get options such as text overlays, stickers, and options for extra filters to really help you create a great picture.

Define the person you want to engage

You’ll want to lock down who you want to engage before you post your first picture. When you’re a mom blogger trying to win blog followers, then your target audience is more than likely to be other moms. So whatever picture you post and the accompanying explanation should have a bend towards that. (Elegant, feminine, supportive, polite, insightful, etc.)

When you’re a personal trainer, however, then your audience is likely to be anyone involved in healthy living that can span ages ranging from younger to much older — male and female alike. Your posts should still reflect your message, and posts with inspiring quotes can be of great help to a growing follower base.

Whatever you plan to do on Instagram, it will help you post more effectively knowing who it is that you are trying to attract as followers.

Do hashtag research; use hashtags in every post

Whether you’ve got few followers or thousands, Instagram’s hashtags are your best friends. Instagram makes typing keywords (hashtags) easy for users to find new things to like and new people to follow. Finding the right hashtags to use for your post is therefore essential for effective marketing on Instagram.

When you’re using the web, investigating hashtags for Instagram can be a little difficult. But one simple way to get started is to study what hashtags are used by your competitors. By following this tip, you can get active and real Instagram followers.

Don’t forget the videos

Although Instagram was built on the premise of photo sharing, you can share short video clips as well.

With this feature, it used to be really hard to make a nice video, because you could only use the videos you created right in IG. But an update has changed this, and now you can now upload a short video. This means you can use your machine to make awesome videos for some time and then send them to your phone or tablet to upload them to your Instagram page.

Obviously, you can still make point-and – shoot videos with your camera, but if you really want to create something amazing, you can take the videos you create and use your computer’s editing software to make it happen.

Nonetheless, think about these before you publish them. Do you think that is going to help or hurt your brand? Will that reflect well on you down the road years?

How Instagram Penalize Those Who Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

In November 2018, Instagram announced they’ll crack down on its platform’s inauthentic activity to maintain the platform’s sanctity and credibility. They began removing likes, follows, and comments that were suspected of being from inauthentic accounts, such as those purchased from third party applications.

Instagram detects accounts that fall under this category by using machine learning-enabled tools and sends them an in-app warning notifying them that their fake engagement has been spotted.

The people at Instagram said on their blog that many users with high counts of followers or engagement levels are being “watched” by bots.

Unknowingly, those targets can reveal their login credentials to bots that hijack their accounts. Therefore, Instagram advises these users to change their passwords.

Instagram recommends that users keep their accounts private or hide their stories when they appear in the viewers’ section to safeguard your account from growth hackers.

Users welcome the update of the algorithm since it favours genuine content and protects their profiles against miscreants.

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Take Home Message

Try to manage your Instagram with good intentions, and provide your followers with content as if they were your personal feed friends. Instagram is only growing so it will help you increase your reach by taking advantage of these tips to get followers. Build up great audiences and have more eyes on your content, because social media can be a powerful marketing driver.