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Just give us the details of your latest post and at that very moment we’ll be working on delivering the service. Brushing your teeth or drinking a cup of coffee would take much longer than seeing the likes come in on your new Instagram post. That’s why we call it ‘fast-likes lightning.’ buy real likes for Instagram in UK at affordable pricing.



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Instagram Likes



Instagram Likes



Instagram Likes



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Instagram Likes

Buy Likes on Instagram and Improve Your Reach

Get likes on Instagram from real UK people for free by exchanging likes! Everything is programmed here. All you need to do is pick where you want to spend your likes!

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We will use our network of Instagram users to help you reach a broader audience, thereby organically expanding your profile.


If you believe your posts and profile deserve more exposure than they are getting at the moment, get Insta likes UK here.


We're never going to ask about your credentials. No password needed to buy likes on Instagram UK. Your brand is safe with us.


Here are few FAQs to answer your queries

We make sure to provide our uk customers the instant delivery. For this to work, the minute we receive your details, we start working on your order exactly at that moment.
As soon as you are done with your payment, you will start seeing likes coming your way & it won’t take longer than 30 minutes to initiate the process.

When you are with us, the process of buying Instagram likes is very easy. From a range of packages available on our platform, simply select one that fits your needs & budget.

Provide us with your info, I.E. Username or URL, and use your chosen payment mode to pay for your order & you are done.

We make sure to provide our UK customers with the highest quality & real likes for your Instagram profiles. All of our services are compliant with community guidelines of Instagram & are going to stay on your account as long as you don’t deactivate your account.
As per our policy, we keep a strict check on your posts after the 30 days your order is delivered. We have an auto-refill opportunity available for UK clients. With this, if you lose any likes, you will get the alternative same amount of likes immediately, free of any cost.

Definitely, they are! This is because there is absolutely no difference between making use of our services and asking your friends to like your posts or share them.
The only thing that distinguishes our services is the fact that they provide genuine Insta likes UK for all your Instagram pictures.
During the process, we ensure no rule is broken. When you make use of our services, you can be fully assured that you do not breach any Instagram terms.

The convenience of our UK customers has been our topmost priority so we have a wide array of acceptable payment modes which include visa card, master card, credit card, etc.

One important thing to mention here is that we don’t save any of your details so you can rest assured in this regard too.

For the last decade, we have been in business and offering excellent services to more than 10,000 customers in UK. Our customers vouch for us and for the quality of their services you can still count on us, too.
Recently, this site has also managed to secure a rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on over 1500 reviews from UK nationals alone. The best part: within your desired time-frame, we offer the highest system generated likes.

Reviews From Our Consumers

Over the past years, we have served more than 10,000 customers. Check out what our users have to say about us.

"I always had trouble getting initial traction on my posts, as most of my followings are based on the other side of the world and, you know, time zones in UK. They 'd be asleep when I post so I needed to start gaining followers from users near my own time zone. EpicLikes has helped me get thousands of likes to post within the first few minutes, rather than hours. "
Harry Michael
Harry Michael
"My shots didn't get the love I thought they really deserved. I've been a photographer of nature for nearly 3 years in Manchester UK but my profile never got too much traction. I have gained about 800 new followers after using EpicLikes in their initial program for about 2 weeks and I get 600 more likes on average per post. It has only been growing ever since."
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson
"I run a small bakery specialty shop here in Southall, London UK. For a while I have been making creative little bits for the world to use. I've seen a lot of other bakeries do the same thing; the only difference is they go viral. I wanted my Instagram to have the same impact too, so I decided to import EpicLikes. So far I had 3 features on the exploring page and gained 20 k new followers."
Lisa Oliver
Lisa Oliver
Bakery Owner

100% Transparency — Makes EpicLikes the Site to Buy Instagram Likes in 2020

Boost your brands credibility and increase your company reach by buying more IG likes at cheap rates.

Prominent Features of EpicLikes

  • If you want more people to see you by growing your great engagement score, buy Instagram likes UK.
  • True Instagram users or realistic looking bot users will buy likes. With these choices for their Instagram photos users can buy Instagram likes UK for very affordable prices.
  • As real IG users in UK go to your post and like it, they can enjoy your content when you buy real Instagram likes. They will follow you and like your other posts for free if they like your profile theme and the post quality.
  • You can buy up to 50,000 likes for your UK IG profile if you buy realistic-looking bot users, and they’re cheaper compared to real users. Those users use images and names of real people. They do not produce at random users.
  • We accept payments from UK clients through credit cards and through pay-pal. Our program supports the applications for the 256-bit ssl certificate, and we’ve made sure your information isn’t stolen.
  • When your transaction is complete, the distribution process for your order starts. Within a few minutes we can begin delivering your order in this process. 
  • You can also get Insta likes and followers for free (terms and conditions apply).
prominent features of epiclikes

Why Buy Instagram Likes UK?

  • The easy growth of your brand

Companies, brands and individuals with a huge base of Instagram followers in UK will certainly be able to boost their online presence. Even a common man will be getting to know about your brand. You’ll be able to scale an impact and a credibility ladder. Finally, the name is now seen as highly important.

  • Get an instant kick-start

If you’re running a small business and are looking forward to receiving a quick response, then it’s time to buy Instagram followers in UK and instantly love them. It will open up the potential in the public eye to raise your image. With a large number of fans, you’ll be able to give your current business condition a kick-start. It’s a common metric which brands use to estimate their social status.

  • Rise in the total number of site visits

Irrespective of the occupation, a large number of Instagram followers and likes on your UK Insta profile would result in the amount of visitors to the website growing. Instagram will give you the chance to add a link to your profile that will fulfill all your marketing needs.

  • Get noticed by followers of followers

Instagram is a network of creative artists, much like other social media. If you buy active Instagram followers then enhancing your network in a trouble-free way will be easy. When your followers like your message, they’ll inform their followers in UK. It will end up contributing to an overall network increase.

Your Privacy is Safe With Us

Your privacy is important to us and is just as safe as it would be without our input. To order to provide you with our services, we don’t need your account passwords and you stay to charge of who sees what on your social media profile.

The process of buying real Instagram likes UK is simple, whereby you get advertising and we are pleased to know that another Instagram star has flourished with our help! We don’t need to mess with your privacy any more than to see your public profile already.

Why Do People in UK Buy Likes on Instagram?

Well, we should ask the exact opposite at this point. Why wouldn’t you buy anything you like? There is no logical answer to this question, because you simply have nothing to lose except for some money, which is a few dollars in principle.
So we recommend you buy likes and followers on Instagram at low prices and see for yourself the results. Here are a few facts concerning having more likes:

  • Instagram is used for business by individual users or companies that run businesses. Because of that it is important to buy likes to make their Instagram profiles look famous. 
  • When your Instagram posts are getting lots of likes from visitors, they ‘re going to be more inclined to stay in the profile and like your posts.
  • The more users you reach your profile, the greater the potential you get and the higher your engagement rate. Only buying more Insta Likes will get you ahead of the competition.

EpicLikes Help You Target the Right Audience

Buying Instagram likes from random people won’t help you achieve the desired business sustainability outcomes.

Now you can buy Instagram likes from the right people in the UK to ensure your company gets the right exposure. By getting the attention of the right people, your product/service sales can easily grow.

Buying Instagram likes will help you link to a wide variety of influencers on Instagram. This will allow you to create a ripple effect, at a later stage organically gaining the attention of the right audience.

We Offer Genuine, Real & Active Likes

Today, you’ll find the market is filled with different agencies claiming they can offer Instagram likes for your pictures/videos. These agencies use bots to increase your posts’ counts in similar ways.

They have the power to shut down their services immediately and drop the number of likes if you don’t regularly pay them out. You can expect absolutely genuine likes on your posts with our buy Instagram likes UK services. And if you no longer want to use our services, the likes on your posts remain forever.

We Have Instagram Algorithm Understanding

Instagram has a strict algorithm, which can easily detect fraud. Our team of Instagram experts UK understands the social media platform s algorithms in detail. This raises the number of likes and followers that are right on your profile.

We ensure that the engagement with your profile is gradually increased. This lets us raise your profile’s visibility without Instagram having any serious consequences or punishments. This is same for our buy 50 Instagram likes policy for UK clients.

Will Buying IG Likes Affect My Instagram Account

After the birth of Instagram’s social media platform, buying cheap IG likes has been safe for the past many years. Your IG likes for UK profiles will never affect your account nor will it result in a shadow bank as all of our likes must meet certain criteria as mentioned above.

After all, we ‘re not in it for short-term gains in the long run. The only time you can get Instagram shadow bans is not from your followers, but from copying word for word captions and also duplicating and publishing your competitor posts on your page.

All of our followers are compliant with the Terms and Conditions of Instagram which allowed us to provide this for years and continue to make customers happy! You can sleep at night for that reason, knowing that your Instagram account is 100 percent free of any damage!

Free Tips to Improve Your Instagram Likes 2020

Follow these tips that Instagram influencers in UK follow to expand their profile.

Post Consistently and on Time

Brands need to be active to attract followers and increase engagement rates. The sweet spot is a consistent 1–2 posts a day, according to studies. This keeps your feed fresh and relevant, and you have more chances to attract eyeballs to your content. Knowing when the best time to post on Instagram is also important especially when dealing with the algorithmic timeline of Instagram.

Best time to post on Instagram for likes is as follows:

  • Monday: 7pm GMT and 10pm GMT
  • Tuesday: 3am GMT and 10pm GMT
  • Wednesday: 5pm GMT GMT
  • Thursday: 7am GMT and 11pm GMT
  • Friday: 1am GMT and 8pm GMT
  • Saturday: 12am GMT and 2am GMT
  • Sunday: 5pm GMT

Build a Strong Brand

For companies trying to create brand recognition on Instagram, transparency, innovation and quality are king. 

A haphazard, erratic approach just doesn’t work. Try to concentrate on core areas such as displaying your profile, building patterns of styles that keep your images looking new, and using hashtag mastering for your UK business. 

You can also communicate with your followers frequently to establish trust and loyalty. By roadmapping Instagram’s processes and brand best practices, you will provide your target audience with a meaningful and reliable brand. That’s what David Beckham has been doing for over the past years. It helped him gain 50.6m followers.

Choose the Right Hashtags

Choosing the best hashtags for your Instagram posts can mean the difference between appearing as a top post or sinking without trace to the bottom of the feed.
Make your hashtags too generic — think #Christmas or #fashion — and your post will face pressure from potentially millions.

Instead, use a mixture of trending hashtags and industry-specific hashtags such as #ChristmasUK or #fashionUK to find the best hashtag to connect with your target followers in UK.

Focus on User-generated Content

User-generated content is a holy grail for advertisers on Instagram. It’s an opportunity for followers to become more actively engaged with a brand and reduce marketing expenses as the audience produces and supports content. 

It’s an approach that has paid dividends for the content campaigns best created by users. Starbucks’ #RedCupContest for example is a perfect example of turning followers into brand advocates.

Don’t Preach – Tell Stories Instead

Instagram is awash with mediocre brand messaging that should be a ‘visual inspiration platform’ forgetting the social network. You should be captivating audiences with images, video, and text, not just preaching marketing missives to them.

Instead of being a storyteller to improve engagement levels and get more Insta likes, offering ‘micro-stories’ through your captions, photos, Instagram stories and profile.
Today, people crave connection, and storytelling is a way of creating that experience. They are much more likely to buy into it and share it with their peers when people feel an emotional connection to your content.

Have a Visually Steady Instagram Feed

Instagram is a visually driven platform that rewards content that is aesthetically pleasing. Although glamorous beauty is falling out of style, Instagram’s core is visual content and that will never change.

Consumers today gravitate to genuine speech and diverse viewpoints. Visually, high-saturation filters and perfectly positioned toasts for avocado were replaced with candy shots, subdued, earthy tones and low-key editing types.

A popular look is to reduce highlights and increase photos’ brightness, without touching too much of the colors themselves, resulting in a natural appearance. Others also opt for a “no-edit” version.

Embrace IG AR Filters

Last year Instagram opened its Spark AR Studio to the public to create AR filters. AR has since taken the world by storm, with some of the strongest filters earning well over 1 billion views.

Although still mainly popular among younger users in UK, the industry around AR filters is growing and many brands are choosing to create their own. Recently, Instagram AR filters have grown beyond the impact they bring to your profile.

Now, all of the most popular AR filters are about color grading and video enhancement. So, just as you’d add a filter to a photo, you can now add an AR filter to make your videos beautiful.

Give Gifs a Chance

Despite studies showing more people watching 15 seconds or less of videos to the end, learning how to make and how to upload a GIF should be compulsory for marketing departments. 

It’s also the tool that clearly influenced Instagram to create its own take on the GIF – the Boomerang – which records a short sequence of stills before merging them and then loops them back and forth, ready for upload to Instagram.

The method has also created some excellent results for brands that have been experimenting with the young platform to improve interaction with Instagram. At over 1 billion gifs in existence today, those videos are certainly a gif that continues to giff.

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